About us

Akers & Akers, L.L.P., is a law firm with a focused practice in municipal and governmental law, providing a number of general law and home rule cities throughout Texas with exceptional legal representation on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, Akers & Akers provides services to other political subdivisions, including economic development boards, special districts, and counties through the Texas Association of Counties.  In all, the firm is full service and handles a broad variety of municipal and other governmental matters which range from the routine to the unique, from the city offices to the courtroom.

Our background, experience, library of ordinances, agreements and city-related materials allow us to furnish answers and documents quickly, and our work has a proven track record. The four attorneys in the firm offer their clients a total of more than 50 years of experience as lawyers in virtually every area of municipal practice, from annexation to zoning; construction to condemnations; employment to environmental and land use to litigation.

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Our Accessibility

Akers & Akers may be located in Austin, but our attorneys are accessible 24/7 because we realize that City business does not just happen between 8 and 5, Monday through Friday. We can attend any or all of the City's meetings in person or "virtually." Our attorney's take advantage of the technological and legal developments that make it practical to represent cities across the state, including Skype or other video conferencing services, e-mail, telecommunications, faxing, teleconferencing and the internet.

Because Texas law allows contract city attorneys to attend meetings by telephone, video, webcam and even electronic mail, cities may obtain our services and our virtual presence for meetings and conferences anywhere in Texas without any cost for travel. Of Course we will attend meetings in person if that is preferred.

Our firm also conducts seminars and training for our clients, either privately or in conjunctions with TML events. Our attorneys have spoken at numerous municipal and governmental seminars and written extensively on topics important to cities and other forms of political subdivisions.

What We Offer

Akers & Akers provides the following three things that are critical to cities, but which very few firms can offer:

Knowledge – Akers & Akers offers a full range of legal services, including, but not limited to, litigation, municipal court prosecution, and legislative consulting, based on long years of experience, including significant service for the Texas Municipal League.
Competitive rates – Akers & Akers provides its services in the most cost effective manner with an eye towards the City’s budget.
Commitment – Akers & Akers will provide quick, accurate and reliable responses to all questions and issues.
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Why Us?

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Municipal Law - All Topics
  • Economic Development
  • Utilities and the Environment
  • Open Government
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Employment Issues
  • Civil Litigation
  • Municipal Court Prosecution
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